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Monday, 29 December 2014


Google Maps: Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, India
Trip: Bangalore > Kanyakumari > Kovalam > Trivandrum > Rameswaram > Bangalore

Rameswaram was long awaited and frankly it didn't disappoint us. In fact the trip that started from Kanyakumari to this pilgrimage via Kovalam had an almost perfect ending in Dhanushkoti. We arrived at this island by train early morning. Crossing Pamban bridge created enough excitement in fellow travellers that we woke up with the noise.

Main Entrance @ Rameswaram Pilgrimage

Rameswaram Temple is about a mile from station. We booked a room for half day near temple and followed the devotees for the rituals to enter the pilgrimage. It is a long process although the good thing is there is no restriction on how you are dressed.

Daring eagles, Dhanushkoti

We started with a dip in the sea and then followed the queue through kunds, 22 in all. The temple follows typical south Indian plan with concentric corridors. The inner most corridor had two queues - special darshan and regulars. We took the special one after paying hundred bucks each.

Dhanushkoti Trail

The queue was not short but it was possible to take a closer look to the century old Shivlinga that, according to legends, was built and worshiped by Sita & Ram themselves. The glance was enough to fill us with reverence. We decided to move quickly.

The lost city, Dhanushkoti

Taking a bus from near the temple, we reached the starting point of Dhanushkoti. From here, a minibus took us through a scary ride to the end of the land named as Rama Setu Point. The road actually does not exist but trails that meander through sea and sand somehow lead the driver. Sri Lanka is ten miles from here which is what Lord Ram had to cover with stones to build bridge across.

Beach View, Dhanushkoti

We settled here for some time and then took the scary ride back. Rameswaram was the fourth and last of the dhams I covered and completed. We had booked train for Madurai from where another train would take us to Bangalore.