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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Raneh Falls

Google Maps: Raneh Falls, Madhya Pradesh, India
Trip: Delhi > Gwalior > Khajuraho > Raneh Falls > Delhi

We reached Khajuraho by overnight train and booked a comfortable room in Ramada Hotel. The day had begun well but temperature was soaring. We were told about a majestic waterfall and we quickly went for it. Although the choice was simple, the route was deserted. We were in MP for the first time and it did scare us. The last part of road is dark into a jungle.

Raneh Waterfall near Khajuraho

We had hired an auto. The waterfalls, however, turned out to be spectacular and would be more so after monsoon. The rich mineral rocks around were of different hues and added to the beauty.

Green & Red, Raneh Falls

The rocks are mostly crystalline granite but the colours range from pink to green and hint to a more versatile mix available in these rocks. Thanks to this spectacular array of colours the Raneh Falls draw attention both in monsoon and during dry seasons.

5 kilometers long, Raneh Falls

In monsoon the whole area floods and giant waterfalls sprout in this region. During dry season the water subsides and gives way to these naturally beautiful mineral rocks that are visible to naked eyes for a long distance.