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Thursday, 17 April 2014


Google Maps: Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India

  • Khajuraho can be planned as a weekend getaway from Delhi. Overnight trains at convenient time run but travel need to be planned at least a month given limited seats.
  • Temples should be visited early morning or in evening. Noon is hot unless its winter. Be ready for couple of miles walk around the complex.
  • Raneh Waterfalls and Pandav Cave are nearby attractions that one may cover. Hotels are aplenty and affordable. There is an airport also under construction.

Khajuraho happened to us so quickly that we were neither ready with appropriate duration nor with a camera fitting for the occasion. One fine morning we were just there. We reached this legendary temple city by train one morning. Hotels are in abundance near main temple complex. We settled in Ramada Khajuraho and freshened up quickly. Plan was to have a brunch near main temple and then start off.

Poses, Khajuraho

The world famous Khajuraho temples are segregated into three groups - Western, Southern and Eastern. Western Group of temples is the biggest and host 12 of the total 22. We started with light brunch as planned but instead of temple complex we went first for Raneh Waterfalls. It is a marvelous piece of nature with water flowing through multi-coloured stones.

Eastern Goup of Temples @ Khajuraho

We came back by 2 and went directly to the Eastern Group of temples. The temples are ancient and every inch is intricately carved right to the top. We bought few momemtoes from nearby shop and started walking towards the Western group which is half a mile away.

Beautiful carvings on the walls @ Khajuraho temples

The set of temples in Western group are much more intricate. Most noticeable are tiled stones carved on walls with lovers in various positions of love making. Even more intricate are the carvings on pillars that form the foundation to these temples.

Vertical structures @ Khajuraho temples

There is a light show arranged every evening. We went back to hotel for an hour of rest and came back at 7.30 for this. The show elaborated the history of kings who built these temples. It was good. We reached back to our room by 9 and settled for dinner at hotel restaurant. Food was delicious.

Love making positions @ Khajuraho temples

Ramada Khajuraho is an inexpansive setup and we enjoyed the stay as well dinner later that night. We were still not sure where we will be the next day. Gwalior was an option. A train starts from Khajuraho early for Delhi and our plan was to take it and then plan further.