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Friday, 18 April 2014

Gwalior Fort

Google Maps: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India
Trip: Delhi > Gwalior > Khajuraho > Raneh Falls & Delhi

Gwalior was a quicky. We were on our train to Delhi from Khajuraho when we saw the fort palace and decided to pay it a tribute. We had to look for a hotel or take Shatabdi @ 7.

View from right flank @ Gwalior Fort

As we came out of the station it started raining. This was good. We were coming from a scorching stay in Khajuraho. Madhya Pradesh is mostly barren and hot.

Colorful @ Gwalior Fort

We enjoyed the downpour and in time took an auto that dropped us at the gates of Gwalior Fort. We had an uphill trek of half mile in front of us which we covered in batches.

Royal Compound @ Gwalior Fort

It was lovely weather and a stunning view from the top. We soaked in the beauty of panorama for a while before venturing into the right flank of the fort. The side view of fort was equally impressive.

Fort and the city @ Gwalior Fort

There was a temple visible at the other end of the fort and we walked on the fort wall all the way. It was super fun and at times scary. The name of this temple is odd - Sas Bahu ka Mandir.

The Wall View @ Gwalior Fort

We sat here for a while enjoying the cool breeze. Gwalior Fort looks like a sentinel from here, watching the sprawling city around it with an air of a  queen.

Saas Bahu ka Mandir @ Gwalior Fort

We were late to catch Shatabdi and looked for a good hotel. Except Taj, which is exorbitantly costly, we couldn't find a good one. Fortunately there is another train at 10 which reaches Delhi early morning.