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Saturday, 12 February 2011


Google Maps: Wayanad, Kerala, India
The 250 km drive to Wayanad was as pleasing to the eyes as was exploring this hill station of Kerala. We reached Wayanad early morning after a strenuous night drive which meant we needed a nap before beginning. A well spaced hotel right at the back of the bus stand at affordable price made us settle quickly.

From Kuruva to Wayanad

The first thing to decide was the places we should not miss. Our planned stay was two days only. After a quick nap we started for Edakkal Caves some 10 miles from our hotel. The caves were closed for construction work and we had to come back although the journey through serpentine roads and thick forests was worth it.

Near Kuruva Islands

After lunch we decided to go for the Kuruva Islands. The drive was for three hours and we reached minutes after the last boat left for the islands. That proved not so bad when we realized there is a quarter mile walk through shallow water over treacherous rocks that set perfect adventure sport activity for the day.

Kuruva Islands were beautiful more because of isolation and pristine nature. We decided to start back quickly as it was already 5 in the evening. Return was through a better road that brought us back in a couple of hours.

Kuruva Islands @ Wayanad

Next morning we spent at the bank of Karappuzha Dam. The vast spread and pleasant weather were enough to prompt us to sit and relax for a couple of hours. 

Karapuzha Reservoir @ Wayanad

We visited the famous chain tree and Pookote lake in the evening. Returning to Bangalore was due next day and hence we decided to drive an extra mile to Kozhikode that day.