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Sunday, 15 June 2014


Google Maps: Lonavala, Maharashtra, India
Trip: Bangalore > Pune > Lonavala > Mumbai > Gandhinagar > Udaipur > Ranakpur > Chittorgarh > Ajmer > Jaipur > Delhi

Last whole day we were driving from Bangalore to Pune and it had taken its toll. We wanted to relax today but fate had other plans. By the time we entered Lonavala, it was 2.

Lion Point @ Lonavala

The weekend crowd was thick near the main market and we had to navigate through a narrow side road to aviod congestion. By 3 we were on top. Lion Point is remarkable if not unique -a ridge that spreads over half a mile and offers an almost surreal view of the valley below. We were two excited children wanting to grab it all.

Valley View @ Loavala

It was cloudy, breezy and chilly. The clouds were creative in shaping the shadows on the valley floor from whatever it was allowed to filter from the sunlight. We stood at one of the cliffs and took the whole panorama in our eyes. Shivaji lake which is inside Navy Area is visible and adds immensely to the beauty.

Monsoon River @ Khandala

There is a railing that has been put to avoid people skidding to the deep valley. A lot of adventure seekers were on the other side for a clear photograph or just for fun. We followed them and were thrilled with the sharp drop that Lion Point offers.

Shivaji Lake @ Loavala Navy Area

The chill forced us to back down and settle in the car. We decided to start for Mumbai. A rough estimate was putting us @ Neha's house by 7.30. However a traffic jam outside Lonavala and heavy rains in Mumbai slowed us down.