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Saturday, 25 January 2014


Google Maps: Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Trip: Bangalore > Tiruvannamalai > Pondicherry > Mahabalipuram > Kanchipuram > Bangalore

Mahabalipuram offers an interesting combination - archeological monuments beside a beach. Hence on a bright Saturday morning we were on  Bangalore - Kanyakumari highway. The road has one of the most picturesque settings in south India.

Carved pillars @ Five Rathas Temple

Breakfast @ McD on NH 44 has become a ritual and so we executed it. Our plan was to hit Mahabalipuram by 3 but thanks to tyre trouble we managed to reach our beach resort by 6 only. The resort guys responded nicely to our exhausted face and our room was upgraded to a cottage near pool side.

Chariot Beach Resort @ Mahabalipuram

The beach was private to the resort and a stone throw away from our cottage. We did a quick round and settled for pints of beer in the bar. Sleep came quickly as we were tired. We did wake up before dawn but the sun was hidden behind the clouds. It was not that disappointing actually.

Sunrise @ Mahabalipuram

One of the prominent Mahabalipuram structures - The Five Rathas - was at the back of our resort. Indeed there are five elaborate carvings from solid giant monolith rocks that are spread over considerable area. If Pandavas had made them as legend goes, they did some pretty hard work.

5 Points @ Mahabalipuram Tourist Map

We quickly moved to Lighthouse area where more elaborate carvings are present on hillside. The Lighthouse itself is remarkable as people are allowed to go all the way up. There are few more art work spread around apart from the Shore Temple right at the beach.

Main Temple Complex @ Mahabalipuram

We quickly moved out of the complex as it was lunch time and we had to cover Kanchipuram  before  hitting  Bangalore before dinner time.