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Sunday, 15 December 2013


Google Maps: Murudeshwara, Karnataka, India

We checked out of our Gokarna Hotel at 10 and started for Murudeshwara. We had to change at Kumta but given the frequency of buses, we were able to get them back to back and were staring at the massive complex before 1.

Murudeshwara temple complex

The complex is kind of appended with the town of Murudeshwara which means a sky high gopuram and a gigantic statue of Lord Shiva is washed by sea waves from three sides. Added to this are two long beaches on both sides of the complex.


We first entered the gopuram and were surprised by the presence of a lift within it. It was kind of a religious space needle. The timings are harsh for a traveller as the lift stays closed between 1-3 PM.

Largest Lord Shiva status@Murudeshwara

Entrance to Lord Shiva statue is separate from the gopuram. We climbed the stairs and were awed by the size. The end of tail of the snake which wraps around Shiva was bigger than me. View from the podium was also remarkable as both the long beaches are visible.

Left Shore View@Murudeshwara

The weather was warm as we settled for lunch in a restaurant which had its foundations going into the sea. Food was good. We moved down to the beach after lunch for a stroll. The beach was crowded with families enjoying the cool waves under the warm sun. One can hire boats here for trip deep into the Arabian Sea. These boats allow you to stay for couple of hours in one of the many islands with clean beaches, take a bath and come back.

We started back for Gokarna by 3 and reached just in time for a beautiful sunset. As the sun dives into the sea in front of us, I realized how smooth and relaxing last few days were to the two of us.