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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Jog Falls

Google Maps: Jog Falls, Karnataka
  • Best time to visit Jog Falls is during monsoon but on a weekday. Weekends are generally crowded and security around the fall is enhanced.
  • There are very few options of accommodation around. Best way is to cover Jog Falls during a circuit of Gokarna and make a day trip to this place, Shimoga is nearest city with few hotels.
  • Visiting the Jog Falls from other direction is unofficially possible, We didn't explore it. Going down the fall is strictly prohibited.

We started our trip to Jog Falls without much planning.  It was a mistake. Although we had a blast in the eventful way this trip turned up, not to forget the super lush greenery of Konkan region, we did  learn few hard lessons on the way. To begin with the only good stopover on way is a CCD some hundred miles from Bangalore.

Behind a veil of clouds@Jog Falls

Unlike Shivasamudram, the 400 kilometers of Jog Falls cannot be covered in a day. Hence comes Shimoga in picture, the only habitable place to stay overnight on route. To make things simpler there is only one decent hotel in Shimoga, the Royal Orchid, which boasts of a decent buffet breakfast as well. Shimoga is however strategically located very closely to Chikmagalur. In fact a board on way suggested Halebidu was merely 20 miles off our route.

Cafe Coffee Day 175 KM from Bangalore@Jog Falls

The Eid weekend meant we had to settle in a shabby lodge full with bugs. We slept for only couple of hours and checked out earlty morning. It was raining. The greenery we had appreciated on way to Shimoga suddenly started looking inferior. So bright were the meadows interspersed with stream of flowing water, we thoroughly enjoyed the next two hours.

An irrigation canal on way@Jog Falls

Entrance to Jog Falls area is grand with a narrow bridge taking you to another world. Karnataka Tourism is done its best to ruin the beauty by building various structures around the viewpoints. As we were parking our car on road side, the front wheels of our car got stuck in a pit. Before I could ask for help, some 10-12 people came from different directions, pulled out the car and as quickly dispersed. I could not even say thanks.

Reaping in the middle of rain@Jog Falls

Finally we saw the Jog Falls as it became more and more visible behind a thick veil of clouds. One by one several trickles of water started taking shape and then the trickles thickened. We kept watching this play of mother nature until it started raining. The rain drenched us and we decided to leave. Staying another night in the horrible Shimoga lodges was not an option and hence we drove the entire 400 kilometers in one go to reach Bangalore by 9 in the night. The next day was Sunday and a much needed rest was waiting us.