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Thursday, 20 June 2013


Google Maps: Pondicherry, India

  • Pondicherry can be covered as part of circuit that starts from Bangalore and goes through Kanchipuram & Mahabalipuram.
  • Stay near the beach and enjoy the French architecture that is reminiscent of the alien occupation of this beautiful beach town.
  • Beach near the main area is stony. Go for nearby Paradise beach or sit near Gandhi statue with a pint of beer. Pondicherry University area also has a beautiful sandy beach.
The decision was so whimsical that I was typing my leave application in the middle of journey sitting at a McD some 40 miles before Krishnagiri. Road between Krishnagiri and Tindivanam is in tatters. Hence we reached Pondicherry by 2 only.

Sand Coast near Senghazunir Temple, Pondicherry

The entry was grand. A turquoise blue sea was on left and on right the buildings inspired with French architecture were treat to the eyes. We checked into Hotel Promenade which is comfortably close to sea.

View@Terrace of Ajantha Sea View Hotel, Pondicherry

As it was a weekday, we got a good deal. After unpacking and refreshing, we moved out only to find that the lunch hours were over. Hence we settled for noodles and beer at a terrace restaurant facing the sea. Weather was on our side. Cool breeze and booze helped us lighten from the tiring drive.

Pier View@Ajantha Sea View Hotel, Pondicherry

It was time to hit the sandy beaches. We had to drive a bit since the main shore is stoned. The beach we chose was near Pier Road. It is long beach. The roaring waves have always had a calming effect on mankind and I was no different. We sat and watched as the setting sun created different hues in the sky.

5 Points @ Pondicherry Tourist Map

We came back to hotel area before dark. The area adjacent to our hotel was the centre of attraction with a French War Memorial and an old lighthouse in our backyard.There is a big statue of Mahatma right in the middle of the coast. We took few photographs and then decided to rest a bit back in the hotel.

French War Memorial, Pondicherry

Late in the night we visited the nearby market and had dinner. Next morning we were planning to visit Auroville. But before that we had to see the glorious Pondicherry sunrise. So we slept early but to no avail. It was 7 when we woke up and had no choice but to walk around. We visited the Aurobindo Ashram and Manakula Vinayagar Temple. We settled for complementary breakfast at hotel before checking out.

View@Promenade Hotel, Pondicherry

Auroville was queer. Foreigners on bike look fashionable while they have come here supposedly for six months to live a hard life. We walked the three quarter of mile to the famous Auroville  temple after ten minutes of compulsory video about Matrimandir. The temple has a unique structure. From far it looks like a golden golf ball. As you walk close you realize that each dent on that golf ball is as large as twice your size. We sat there and took s series of photograph covering every angle of this spherically symmetrical structure.

Matrimandir@Auroville, Pondicherry

We left quickly for Bangalore as we had to cover a bad patch of road before dark. Last time I was in Pondicherry  Ankur invited me to his University Campus. The Pondicherry University campus is located two miles outside the city on Chennai-Pondicherry expressway. The location ensures expansive campus and lush greenery. Hostel complex was so deep inside the campus that he had to borrow a bike to pick me up from the campus gate.