Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Google Maps: Antibes, France
Trip: Paris > Nice > Monte Carlo > Antibes > Cannes

Antibes was a quiet and lazy beach town. We took an early train from Nice to Antibes as the day was long and we had to cover Cannes the same day. The train dropped us at the periphery of the town and we had to walk half a mile or so to stand in front of the beach.

Railway Station, Antibes

There was an old fort built on a kind of an archipelago. A good part of the coast was being used as parking space for boats and steamers representing the rich community of this French Riviera town.

Sea Side, Antibes

A good part of this city is enclosed within walls of a fort although a supposedly massive fort in the middle of town is as such missing. We came across a Picasso museum and decided not to enter due to money constraints. We were poor students trying to get the best out of what was for free.

Cul de Sac, Antibes

The centre of city is a subdued marketplace where we found some crowd in form of locals and tourists. Walking through the narrow well defined alleys smelling the warm sea air and feeling jealous for those who dwell in this heaven was our favourite pastime. By noon we were through with Antibes and were ready for the city of film festival - Cannes.