Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Monday, 1 November 2010


Google Maps: Paris, France
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Paris has a charm that attracts wanderers and tourists alike. While the fashion capital of Europe may prove expensive, one has little choice considering the fact that Eurotrip without Paris is inconceivable.

The Eiffel Tower@Paris

To avoid the expensive Thalys trains, I took excess pains for reaching Paris via Frankfurt from Copenhagen. As a result it was not before 4 PM that I was fresh and ready out of Le' Artagnan Youth Hostel for my first excursion.

Notredame Cathedral@Paris

The map suggested Notre dame Cathedral as the closest. Reaching there along the river bank was fun. The varying shades of sky at the background of cathedral were amazing. The cathedral was of course  a masterpiece in every inch of it. The grandeur was overwhelming.


Next I decided to go for the Montpernesse Tower which offers a breathtaking 56th floor panoramic view of Paris  It was a treat watching the City of Lights at night all glittering like a jewel. The icing on cake was when Eiffel Tower was lit with the special twinkling effect which kept each one of us up there gazing like we were hypnotized.

City of Lights@Paris

I walked back to my hostel all tired and ready for sleep. A delectable chicken tikka sandwich at nearby Pakistani Restaurant was perfect ending to a remarkable day in a dream city.

The Obelisque@Paris

Morning was occupied by a heavy brunch followed by an hour rest before I started for The Louvre. The museum was thriving even on a Monday. Tickets are modestly priced but not for a student. Taking a superficial round, I moved towards Eiffel Tower. 

The Louvre@Paris

En route I was surprised again and again by the density of art work that exists at every nook and corner of Paris. It is as if a massive heritage of priceless cultural history is compressed within the bustling fashion capital.

View from Seine@Paris

Eiffel Tower was huge by any standards. The first floor was 440 steps high and each one of the pillars was as big as a tennis court. I took the stairs because it was cheaper, more so because the alternate option of lift to the top was enjoying a queue of 3 hours on a Monday evening.

Level 1 of Eiffel Tower@Paris

Eiffel Tower is an enigneer's delight. Watch it from whichever angle - from side, from top, from far - there it stands as a specimen of human intellect. 

Eiffel Tower from across Seine@Paris

It took me considerable time to break the spell before I realized that my train was scheduled in less than an hour and Est Station was 5 miles on foot. The next halt in my eurotrip was Nice.