Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Monte Carlo

Google Maps: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Trip: Paris > Nice > Monte Carlo > Antibes > Cannes

We arrived Monte Carlo late in the evening. Descending from the train when we came out in the open taking a flight of steps we realized the dense constructions of this city. It reminded me of Minas Tirith. The roaring sea in front was adding to our amazement.

Dock View, Monte Carlo

Monte Calro is a tax haven for French millionaires. That explains the pomp and luxury that we were witnessing. For the first time I saw a Maybach and a Porshe showroom as adjacent to each other as we have kirana stores in India.

Night View from Coast, Monte Carlo

Our main attraction was the famous Monte Carlo Casino which was known for huge money at bet during weekends. It was right in the middle of the city and spread in a large area facing the sea at some height. We even entered the main lounge but to enter the casino we needed to buy Eur10 betting tickets. We decided otherwise.

Walk of Fame, Monte Carlo

A walk at the beach side lead us to an area where tiles with footmarks were placed on the path. Names like Ronaldo, Al Pacino etc were visible.

Casino, Monte Carlo

It was getting dark and we decided to take the train back to Nice. We had some time before the next train which we used in taking an upwards elevator which took us at a viewpoint from where the city was visible. It was a great ending point to a remarkable city.