Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Monday, 14 February 2011


If you want to go to Kozhikode, go through Wayanad. The tortuous road that starts from a few miles off Kalpetta will take you down the Western Ghat so quickly that you won't even have time to feel dizzy. We started on a whim for this beach town and in no time the gigantic wall of western ghat was looking at us from above.

The serpentine road, Kozhikode

The drive of 70 miles was covered in a flash and we entered Kozhikode by 1. It was time for Lunch. We settled in a restaurant near the beach and ordered the famous Kerala Paratha and Shahi Paneer. The food was delicious and heavy.

Kozhikode Beach

It was now time to take a stroll on the expansive shore. The beach was thriving with Sunday crowd. The sea was noisy and pleasing to senses but a major disappointment was the way beach was maintained. Wastes were floating in the sea and the shoreline was dirty.

Ice-cream @ Kozhikode Beach

Still we spent a good couple of hours eating ice-cream and drinking coconut water. It was not before 5 that we realized that we should start back as the road would be treacherously uphill this time of the evening. We reached Wayanad back to our hotel room later at 8 and settled for a room delivered food.