Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Friday, 3 December 2010


Google Maps: Nice, France
Trip: Paris > Nice > Monte Carlo > Antibes > Cannes

The dipping mercury level at Copenhagen was enough reason for me to plan my next trip down south of Europe. Hence I was standing on the massive coast of Nice in French Riviera on the first weekend of December. The beach town is small and walkable.

Morning on the beach, Nice

We settled in a Chinese restaurant for breakfast and made plans for the next two days. Monte Carlo was the closest and in direction opposite to Cannes & Antibes so we decided to cover Nice and MC that very day. It was a modest plan.

View from Le Chataeu de Nice

The first in check list was walking on the coast and taking pictures of the Mediterranean. Moving further we reached a lighthouse and bouldered port area which was again very unique experience.

Bouldered coast, Nice

Le Château de Nice was visible from here and we took a lift for high-view point on this fort. The curve of Nice coast was clearly visible along with high rise mountains that surrounded it. Super luxury yatch were lined up on a barricaded coastline visible from up there.

Collection of Yatch, Nice

Spending a good couple of hours, we enjoyed the cool December breeze and and then descended back to the city for a quiet lunch at a fast food joint. The lunch was to be followed by rest at hostel and then a ride towards Monte Carlo before 4.