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Sunday, 29 July 2007


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We took the early morning train from Sheffield for Salisbury. There is bus at regular interval from Salisbury to Stonehenge. By the time we reached there it was noon. It was nice to see so many people together at an isolated place in UK. Stonehenge is big crowd-puller.

Stonehenge near Salisbury

Once a part of seven wonders, it generated great expectations. Yet more often than not, it would disappoint a traveler. Firstly the stones are not that big. Secondly you are not allowed to get closer to the stones, forget touching them. Thirdly it is costly (more than 100 pounds for us) to make a trip to this place. However the class mystery remains is who moved these 50,000 kg stones from some 150 miles away 5,000 years ago. And why?


We took our tickets and started making a round of Stonehenge  A guy in the crowd told us that the real charm of Stonehenge is when one drive through the fork at the divide of which this strange structure is located. Our movement was limited to we took few pictures and decided to return. The more prominent memory left in my mind is that of lush green meadow around the structure that seem endless.