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Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Google Maps: Devaprayag, Uttarakhand, India
  • Devprayag is a half day trip from Rishikesh although to be fair, it needs a full day to appreciate the drive and the point. 
  • Roads are in perfect condition and well managed. There are very few good restaurants and no petrol pump before Devprayag so plan accordingly. 
  • The river Ganges flow to your right all the way to Devprayag which throws multiple viewpoints to saviour. Take a break now and then and appreciate the work of mother nature on these hills.
Devprayag is one of those gems that are not hidden but surrounded by bigger gems and hence ignored. In itself it is worthy of a day trip as we figured while standing at the merging point of two distinctly coloured rivers. The holy incantations and energetic crowd only help create a captivating zone around this point which is in a shape of cake slice.

View of Devprayag from top

When we started from Shivpuri for Devprayag, the plan was that of touch and go. We intended to reach back at Rishikesh - a total drive of hundred miles - by 6 for the evening aarti at the banks of Ganges. What started as a hurried drive, quickly translated into a slow gazing through the lovely mountains along road in perfect condition with the river Ganges flowing on our right hand side all the way. We couldn't help but appreciate the changing landscape each turn brought to us. It was as if we were in a trance.

Way to Devprayag

So much so that at one point we simply sat for an hour watching as the Ganges curled and u-turned in front of us through two towering hills. The warm April sunshine made us giddy. It took us some time to collect ourselves and start again for Devprayag, which by now had again reduced to a touch and go plan -thanks to the most amazing drive we were having.

Live landslide

We saw a live landslide that halted our movement for some 20 minutes before debris was cleared and everyone started moving. Devprayag was as beautiful as I had last glimpsed it on my way to Badrinath twelve years ago. It is picturesque and inviting. There are viewpoints from top which perfectly cover the beautiful merger of two rivers - Bhagirathi & Alaknanda.


We parked our car along a closed shop and walked down across the bridge to Raghunath Temple which hosts the merging point. A flight of steps later we were standing at the exact point and the mingling of colours was still as distinct as it was from the top. Fishes were swimming against the current as they were thrown food by the worshippers. The cold water thrilled as we just stood there for a few minutes. It was time to drive back to Rishikesh.