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Saturday, 11 June 2016


Google Maps: Gangtok, Sikkim, India
  • Book an early flight to Bagdogra and take a cab from there for Gangtok. Else you will reach late and tired and the day will be lost. Cover Banjhakri Waterfalls on first evening. Its refreshing.
  • Cover the three viewpoints and MG Road on second day. You may want to cover one of the monasteries (Rumtek, Ranka) the same day.
  • Sikkim Rum is a local brand which has become quite famous. Numerous shops sell it on MG Road. Try it with pastries from Baker's Cafe.
As we settled on our table in the restaurant located on the top floor of a hotel, hunger became secondary. Across the window the clouds were playing with mountains and our entire span of view was filled with this landscape. It was our introduction with Gangtok and I immediately fell to it.

View of Gangtok from Ganesh Tok

We were hungry because of all the pain we took to reach here. Overnight train to New Jalpaiguri followed by five hours on bus left us with enough to find food and then jump into bed. That we lost the whole day to reach Gangtok was thankfully buffered into our three night stay here.

Gangtok from Rumtek Monastery

Gangtok is sorted. For an operations guy like me, its close to heaven. Vehicles move in single lane and overtake at specific points. Walkways all along Gangtok help you walk and foot overbridges help you cross. Residents are friendly and take pride in their hospitality.

Banjhakri Waterfalls

The very next day we made an ambitious plan to cover Rumtek Monestary, Banjhakri Falls and the three famous viewpoints of Gangtok - Hanuman Tok, Ganesh Tok and Tashi Viewpoint. We almost executed it as well. Rumtek is huge and views the entire Gangtok from acroos the mountain.

Rumtek Monestary

Banjhakri Falls was a revelation. Evident to the organizing nature of Sikkim govt, the place is a well designed park with the fall as the centrepiece. We would have taken a bath had we carried spare clothes. Nevertheless it was fun.

A view from Gangtok

Hanuman Tok is the crown jewel of Gangtok - don't miss it. The only catch is that the sky should be clear and you will see the entire Kanchanjunga range in a golden hue from here. Ganesh Tok is for the view of Gangtok. We couldn't cover Tashi Viewpoint.