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Saturday, 2 January 2016


Google Maps: Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Tehri is only fifty miles from Rishikesh through a spectacularly tortuous road. We happened to be in Mussoorie which is equidistant but uphill.
  • The relocated town of New Tehri is unique  and on the way. It is reminiscent of the historic town that had to be flooded to provide for the reservoir dam.
  • Tehri is growing into a water-sport hub at Koti. Don't miss the speed boating at Tehri reservoir among the high hills.

The road to Tehri is among the most tortuous one. A whole living city was dismantled and rehabilitated to accommodate a man made reservoir. New Tehri in that sense is a rare specimen of human ingenuity. It was close to noon when we passed the strikingly uniform houses of this city. Our destination, however, was a place called Panch Koti at the banks of Tehri dam.

Expanse of Tehri Reservoir

Enroute there is a high viewpoint from where we could see the expanse of reservoir and the high hill beyond. It was quite impressive. As we drove further down and reached Koti, the evidences of entrepreneurship were visible. The whole bank has been transformed, albeit temporarily, into a water sports park. We indulged ourselves.

Tehri dam

The view of Tehri reservoir is clearer from here. We took a speed boat ride. Our fellow passengers were included a family with some connections. We got the best driver and the best maneuvers I ever had in a speed boat. Those five whirlwind minutes were amazing specially among the towering hills and peaceful surroundings.

Water Sports, Tehri Reservoir

The activity made us hungry and we settled for a quick Maggi. Camps were erected in a pattern to sell snacks and food, all makeshift. It was time to move as we had another 200 miles to go that day to reach Delhi. We decided to halt at Rishikesh on the route and have late lunch at the Chotiwalas.