Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Friday, 1 January 2016


Google Maps: Kanatal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Kanatal is less than 30 miles from Mussoorie via Dhanaulti. Start from Mussoorie after lunch so you don't miss the sunset.
  • Its good for an overnight stay with and a short trek in the morning, covering both sunrise and sunset.
  • Tehri dam is another 30 miles and is a must visit. Stay at Rishikesh on the way or take a holy dip in Haridwar if you are returning to Delhi.

It was dusk when we reached Kanatal. The setting sun was throwing vibrant colors across the horizon and to add to that beautiful hue were snow capped mountains on one side and deep valley on the other side. One can come to Kanatal just to spend the evening.

A view from Kanatal

We were desperately looking for a roof. Google Maps showed us a Club Mahindra Resort just a mile ahead. We tried but the rooms were all occupied. The place is amazingly located and well maintained. Asking around we were told about Hotel Hermitage. A quick call and a quicker drive brought us to our abode for that night.

Sunset, Kanatal

An energetic staff and warm wood covered rooms were waiting for us at a slightly over the budget rate. We took it and never regretted. A group of chatty doctors were vacationing at the same hotel and we had a nice chitchat over the bonfire. A sumptuous dinner made me sleepy and by 10 we were all dead for the day.

Sunrise, Kanatal

I woke up with a bright sunlight filtering through the glass window. Sunrise was due and the photographer in me was wide awake. The dawn was as spectacular as dusk the previous day. It took me an hour to satiate my appetite of clicking.

Valley View, Kanatal

Breakfast was on the house. By 10 we were filled and ready for Tehri. We met the ice capped mountains again. Unlike last time when they were pink, this time they were blue and clearer.