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Friday, 1 January 2016

Everest House

Google Maps: George Everest House, Uttarakhand , India
  • Road to Everest House is little tattered. Take left from Library End of Mussoorie as the road is better from this side compared to Company Bagh side.
  • Trek to the peak near Everest House is recommended although it takes upto couple hours uphill and down.
  • Snacks and beverages are available. Best time of day to visit is between breakfast and lunch in the morning half. 

Everest House is one of the treasures that Mussoorie keeps for the travel worthy. You have to look for it to find it. A tortuous drive, digression to a broken path and a small trek will take you to the house of Sir George Everest and you will rejoice the moment as if you have found a treasure.

Everest House

We reach Everest House just before noon. It took us little longer as we took the Company Bagh route which is longer and congested due to traffic. Also the fact that it was 1st day of the new year and a weekend meant there was ample crowd around and on wheels.

Entrance to Everest House

It's an abandoned bungalow spectacularly placed at the edge of a cliff overlooking a valley. On the left is an uphill trek from where the nearby geography is visible on a clear day.Sir George Everest, of Mount Everest fame, was the Surveyor General of British India and he chose to live here after retirement. It's a haven for someone who loves landscape and Sir Everest was clearly one such individual.

Amateur photography

On a busy weekend the place gets buzzing nowadays. Commercial setups have come up nearby although makeshift in nature.  Few sport setup have also come up as the traffic increases.Cloud's end is also nearby, famous of natural beauty specially during rainy season.

Peak View

We started back for Mussoorie after couple of hour stay. Our plan was to stay at Kanatal that night before deciding next days plans - both Tehri and Rishikesh were on the cards.