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Friday, 14 August 2015

Stupas, Sanchi

Google Maps: Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh, India
Trip: Bhopal > Sanchi > Bhimbetka > Bhopal

Sanchi was as calm and serene as we had left it in our Class IX history book. While in Sanchi one realizes why a secluded place built on a hillock suits the purpose of meditation and learning. The place is as picturesque as possible with a panoramic view of the Vindhyas.

Gateway to Stupas, Sanchi

We were here after the first drizzles of Monsoon and found Sanchi in a lush green state. The main Stupa is right in front while the hill is filled with smaller ones. We climbed the biggest one and started taking few pics.

All about Sanchi

At the back there is an ancient layout which must have been used as a classroom. Beyond that the way goes downhill until a railroad intercepts it.

Brick Layout, Sanchi

On the left we found a new established shop and washroom just next to a precipice from where afar was visible. A shimmering river is visible from here far off.

Stupas, Sanchi

Further ahead there is a collection of rubble,  each piece carved delicately but placed as if nothing more than rocks. I bet each of them would value a million dollars in world market.

Ruins of Sanchi

We came at the back of main Stupa and then decided to walk out. It had been couple hours and we were getting too familiar with the beauty that Sanchi is.

View from Main Gate, Sanchi

Outside we took some snack at a canteen and then decided to start for Bhimbetka which is about 80 miles from here in south of Bhopal.