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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Agra Fort

Google Maps: Agra Fort, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Visit before Taj Mahal as its bigger and takes time to complete a round. It is closer to the Express Highway as you enter Agra.
  • A weekday trip is recommended given the crowd on weekends. On Monday both Agra Fort and Taj are closed.
  • Guides are good to have given the expanse of Agra Fort although it sometimes get intrusive to have them.

Agra Fort is the automatic next destination to Taj Mahal, both being UNESCO World Heritage Sites and as rare as it is with heritage sites, they are only couple of miles from each other. Spread wide across the banks of Yamuna, the fort boasts of being home to five generation of Mughal Emperors.

Huge motes, Agra Fort

It is always better to touch this point first while coming from Delhi as it is closer to the highway. Also the sheer size of Agra Fort means there is a couple hour walk before you can say that you have explored this fort. Given the crowd it attracts on weekends, a weekday is preferred except Monday when both the Fort and Taj Mahal are closed.

Incricate work on the walls, Agra Fort

The size and long history mean that a guide will be helpful. We didn't as it was my third visit to Agra. The tourist path is designed in a clockwise circular path that covers different sections of fort. The first in the path is Diwan-e-aam where the emperors would take public audience. Its a giant open hall with a small staircase entering the inner sections.

Mughal Architecture, Agra Fort

Inside to the left is a mosque of pure marble. In front the courtyard opens with a beautiful view of Taj Mahal. Further in is the section where Shah Jahan was kept in prison overlooking the tomb of his late wife.

Worned-out Domes, Agra Fort

The domes which constitutes the ceiling are worn out and we took pictures of layers which construct such domes from inside. Through an extended section the path leads to the inner chambers which has some intricate mughal architecture.

Portable Bathtub,  Agra Fort

Outside a royal bathtub with ancient inscriptions decorate the exit. We decided to move to Taj Mahal. The list for the day included Fatehpur Sikri and Bharatpur hence we hurried.