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Sunday, 26 April 2015


Google Maps: Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India
Trip: Delhi > Agra > Vrindavan > Mathura > Delhi

Vrindavan is the city of temples. While Mathura is birth place of Lord Krishna, it is Vrindavan which has the mythological advantage of hosting the childhood of Vishnu avatar. We reached the city through Yamuna Expressway and quickly settled in a subsidized Jain dharamshala (a religious establishment). Since it was early noon, we decided to first visit something little far and chose Pagal Baba Temple.

Pagal Baba Temple, Vrindavan

The temple is an imposing establishment with seven layers. It gets narrow at the top but the view from high above is worth. There is a Krishna show at the ground floor which is modest. We decided next to reach for Prem Mandir but the traffic police forced us to take the opposite road and w ended up at Iskcon Temple.

Iskcon Temple, Vrindavan

Iskcon Temple is one of the prominent temples of Gaudiya Vaishnavas internationally. Smaller compared to its Bangalore counterpart, it compensates the size with zeal and a whole lot of exotic worshipers. We took a round and settled in the restaurant at the back. There is a small hotel here as well but I guess it requires special permission to stay.

Radha Krishna, Iskcon Vrindavan

We then decided to take a walk to the Banke Bihari temple which is famous for its wild Holi celebrations apart from other things. Photography is strictly prohibited inside some queer reason. The temple is grand from inside with a large podium and flower work all around.

Temple timings in Vrindavan

We walked back tired, settled for a light dinner and went back to our rooms. Next morning we had to start for Mathura but not with breakfast in the famous Brijwasi restaurant which was around the corner.