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Monday, 14 October 2013


Google Maps: Srirangapatna, Karnataka, India
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Srirangapatna is a small diversion on Bangalore-Mysore highway and so we took it on our way out from Mysore. The geography of this fort city hints why Tipu Sultan moved his capital here. It is a natural island created by forking of river Kauveri.

3 Points @ Srirangapatna Tourist Map

Our first point of visit was obviously the Ranganathaawamy Temple from which the city derives its name. The thousand year old temple was under renovation. There is a small market that has flourished around the temple area with authentic Mysore artifacts on sale.

The walled city of Srirangapatna

Moving deeper into the island we reached the point where river Kauveri splits and creates the island. It looks true what they say - the river forks to wash the feet of the ancient temple that lies within the confines of the island.

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple @ Srirangapatna
The constructions made during Tipu's patronage are on the opposite side of the highway and include Dariya Daulat and Jumma Maseedi.