Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Friday, 8 March 2013


Google Maps: Shravanabelagula, Karnataka, India
Trip: Bangalore > ShravanbelgolaChikmagalur > Belur > Halebidu > Bangalore

Having just missed a visit to the giant Bahubali statue on my last trip to Chikmagalur, it was imperative we take digress to see this place of holy importance to Jains. We took the turn and reached the small and peaceful town of Shravanbelgola. Almost unexpectedly, the statue is at the top of a monolith that takes some climbing.

The monolith itself is bigger than the town that sprawls around it. Our lack of exercise was evident while we huffed and puffed to reach the middle of monolith. A small temple, a pillar and a shelter made of stone defines this part.

We rested for an hour and gossiped. It was time to see the real thing. Not more than two hundred steps was the final plateau on which the statue is erected. Surrounded by stone establishments, the whole set-up has a blissful effect.

We took picture of the grand Bahubali from all angles and then moved quickly outside. The view from the hilltop was captivating. A large artificial pond adjacent to the town creates a neat picture.

We had to come down quickly as there was much to explore down west. We did that, collected our shoes and started moving towards Chikmagalur. On the way were the ancient Belur and Halebidu temples which we were planning to visit on our return journey.