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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Ajanta Caves

Google Maps: Ajanta, Maharashtra, India
  • Setup your base at Aurangabad. There is enough for five days. Ajanta Caves are a day trip from here. The system of transport created is to cater huge crowd so it takes a while to reach.
  • Photography is allowed. During or after Monsoon, a waterfall also comes alive in the middle of this U shaped masterpiece.
  • Paintings are still in good shape. Overall the facility is well maintained. Trek the hill in front of the caves for a bird eye view. 

We sat on the engine of the tourist bus for a 100 miles. Then we waited for pollution free buses that connect the base of Ajanta with the cave complex. All the efforts found their return in one turn of view of the knoll shaped hills of Ajanta.

Panoramic View, Ajanta

Ajanta Caves are famous for the still preserved wall paintings or murals and for that tourist from world over flock for this place. The crowd gathered on a Christmas day to see this masterpiece was evidence of its popularity among tickmark tourists.

Central Hall, Ajanta

The caves are numbered with details on front of them, thirty in total. The first four caves (1,1A, 2 & 3) have the most preserved murals. Another remarkable cave is No.15 which has a decorated dome with Lord Buddha standing in the middle. The cave itself is right in the middle of the series on caves on the knoll.

Painting, Ajanta

A highlight is view from a central high point which takes some climbing. Standing here we realized or rather my wife suggested that at its peak of glory, Ajanta must have been a heavenly abode with waterfalls going down from the centre of knoll shaped hill to fork below and fill the base before flowing out of the valley.

Buddha Statue, Ajanta

Our return to Aurangabad was delayed as few passengers of tourist bus were missing. That is one of the harms of travelling in large groups. It was not before 8 PM that we reached our hotel Ambassador Ajanta. We used booking.com to get the rooms cheaper and were delighted by the facilities and cleanliness of our temporary abode.