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Thursday, 24 March 2011


Google Maps: Bandipur National Park, Karnataka, India
Trip: Bandipur > Mudumalai > Ooty

The famous National Park at the foothills of Ooty was our first stop. The road to Bandipur from Bangalore is good and we managed the 150 miles in some four hours. Finding a resort at decent cost is not difficult on a weekday here.

Highway through Bandipur

After a quick shower we started for the Forest Office where jungle safaris are available. Since the office is in the middle of jungle there is a good five miles of curvaceous drive through thick forest. Later we would realize that these drives were the best part of our trip.

Elephants View on Drive @ Bandipur

A highway meanders through Bandipur National Park and connects Karnataka with Kerala. Fortunately we met a forest officer who adviced us to go to Kerala side, known as Mudumalai, where these safaris are available at one tenth the price.

Basic Map @ Bandipur

That was another five miles and we already managed to see an elephant, a bunch of barahsinghas and hoard of monkeys. In the above map (A: Bandipur Forest Office; B: Mudumalai Forest Office; C: Jungle Hut Forest Resort).

Lunch @ Bandipur

The only problem at Kerala is they don't allow any kind of liquor on board. If you are carrying some, it is adviceable to declare it and get rid of it. Else if the check-post police finds any, there is a hefty fine on it.

Helping the Leopards @ Bandipur

The safari was on a mini bus and not so exciting. Return to the resort was thrilling in the dusky lights. We reached our resort room at six and took a few dips in the swimming pool before starting our party. Next day we had to start early for Ooty.