Fujiyama, Japan

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Google Maps: Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India
Trip: Bandipur > Mudumalai > Ooty > Coonoor

Ooty lake was not as promising at 11 noon. We decided to move quickly towards Coonoor  En route we saw a beautiful valley view and later on found that it is one of the famous viewpoints. Sims Park in Coonoor had its share of treasures. For the first time I saw such rich fauna including a Rudraksh tree.

Coming back to Ooty we started off for Bangalore at around 3. Lunch was planned at a typical Tamil roadside dhaba which offered lots of rice, two vegetables and papad at 35 per plate.


Google Maps: Bandipur National Park, Karnataka, India
Trip: Bandipur > Mudumalai > Ooty

The famous National Park at the foothills of Ooty was our first stop. The road to Bandipur from Bangalore is good and we managed the 150 miles in some four hours. Finding a resort at decent cost is not difficult on a weekday here.

Highway through Bandipur

Friday, 11 March 2011

Nandi Hills

Google Maps: Chikkaballapur, Karnataka, India
The last time we visited Nandi Hills, it was an impulsive decision. We were chit-chatting at around 3 AM when it was unanimously decided that we should go for some outing? But where? Nandi Hills was the closest we could think of so we started at around 4 AM for the spot.

Vivek, Sumeet and Shri sat comfortably on my car and we started with a google map to help us on the route. By the time we reached MG Road, we were lost and had to wake up auto drivers to find way to the airport road.

Nandi Hills is accessible through a diversion on this road at around 10 kilometers from airport. We reached Nandi Hills at 5.50 AM. It was critical since the sunrise is the most attractive proposition of Nandi Hills.

It took us no time to realize how wrong we were. Not only the sunrise was not visible but the mist was so dense that few steps here and there and we would have difficulty to retrace our own track. We started in a particular direction based on our instinct. The blowing winds were making scary noises.

Nandi Hills is actually a plateau. There is a restaurant besides a temple to which everyone reaches whichever direction he takes. We enjoyed a Manali weather in the vicinity of Bangalore that day and enjoyed hot cup of tea at the very top. By 9 AM we here back to our campus in time for breakfast and then a sleep which was bereaved from us last night.

This time our plans were clear and the weather was supportive but not Bangalore Police. There was a barrier waiting for us near the entrance to top which was supposed to open only at 5.45 AM. Thankfully we rushed as it opened and were finally able to see the famous Nandi Hills sunset.

We were back to hostel before 10 and realized that Nandi Hills never disappoints.