Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Monday, 8 November 2010


Google Maps: Rome, Italy
Trip: Zugspitze > Pisa > Rome > Vatican City

The original idea was to cover the five points of the cross decribed in Angels & Demons. However at 3PM the three of us were only checking into a hotel room. It was walking distance from Station. We now had exactly 24 hours in Rome  By 4 we had a definite plan which was bit different from the original one. Colosseum was the closest and hence we found ourselves walking towards the grand structure in no time.

The Colosseum@Rome

This was the second of the seven wonders that I was seeing that day, coming from Pisa. To our disappointment the entry was closed fifteen minutes earlier. We moved on towards Piazza Venezia which is on a straight magnificent road from Colloseum with views to Roman ruins spread around.

Piazza Venezia@Rome

Trevi Fountain was our next stop after taking pictures of Piazza. The fountain area was really crowded and we had to squeeze in to get near the fountain to take our photographs.

Trevi Fountain@Rome

Walking back was half fun half pain as it started raining. The night was celebrated in a nearby restaurant with genuine Italian pizza and pasta. I was finally going to spend a night in Rome  Next on agenda was Colosseum which we had missed last day. The entry ticket was high yet we decided that nothing else was there to do before our train would depart at 7.

Inside the Colosseum@Rome

The Colosseum was worth every euro and we found some pretty faces to look at also. Taking picture from the front of the grand amphitheatre was a cheerful comeback from the dreadful rainy day we had faced in Rome.

Piazza del Popolo@Rome

Italy looks like a stage of competition among tourists. Rome is in the middle of the hot spots. In south we have the natural masterpieces in Etna, Vesuvius & Pompei. In north you will find the supreme human creations in David by Michaelangelo and The Last Supper by Vinci. Right in the middle of Rome  is another country within which lies the grand Sistine Chapel.