Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Google Maps: Pisa, Italy
Trip: Zugspitze > Pisa > Rome > Vatican City

Its 8 AM. I am walking on a lonely street that leads to the Tower of Pisa. Something is wrong. There is a tall building few hundred metres from me that looks tilted. As I walk closer it looks as if the tilt is increasing.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Pisa was peaceful when I came out of the smelly train compartment early in the morning. The streets were empty. The way to Tower is a straight road and hence I found it least difficult to reach my destination 20 minutes later.

The Leaning Tower, Pisa

There is something disturbing about the leaning tower. It keeps you on the toe. Not only you suspect the fall of Pisa tower, you would even think that the other structures in the vicinity are also bent.

Tower & Cathedral, Pisa

The ticket to the top of tower is EUR 15 and only a limited number of people are allowed at a time. I decided to bypass the view from the top. It started raining and I took shelter in the nearby church.

Leaning Tower and me, Pisa

After a stay of couple of hours and several photographs from different angles, I decided to continue on my journey to Rome. Today I was going to cover two of the seven wonders of the world. That would be worth bragging :)