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Sunday, 10 October 2010


Google Maps: Sognefjord, Norway
  • Ferrying from Flam to Godvangen is the quickest way to cover the famous fjords of Norway.
  • There are treks available on the route but one needs to stay overnight, Aurland being the biggest.
  • Countryside Norway almost shuts down after the second weekend of October so plan accordingly.

The famous fjords of Norway awaited me while I was sleeping in Flåm  The next day I checked out of the hostel at 10 and started walking towards Aurland. The 5 miles walk was pleasant with lots of breaks to admire the landscape. The ferry to Godvangen was not scheduled before 3.30 PM and hence I was at leisure.

View of Flam on way to Aurland

I finished off the Archer novel I was carrying for so many days and then sauntered around a dead Aurland for a couple of hours. The minutes spent at the bench near the shore under the warm sun were heavenly.

Beautiful sunrise@Sognefjorden

The ferry came at 3.30 PM dot and took me to another world. The high-rising hills and our ferry moving slowly through a narrow passage were stuffs of fantasy. So many reflections were being created around me that it took me some time to comprehend it.

Ride from Aurland to Godvangen

I took several pictures and yet none of them justified what I was witnessing. Villages would come at so beautiful locations that I wondered they were for real.

A city nestled in the Sognefjorden

Godvangen was again as sleepy as Aurland. I moved quickly to Voss from where I could take a train to Oslo  The train was fully booked and hence I had to sleep at Voss Youth Hostel, another comfortable abode.

Close to Godvangen@Sognefjorden

The next day I was supposed to take a train to Oslo but due to repair work a bus was ready to take us to Al from where we would board the train. The bus trip proved to be as exhilarating an experience as I was having the previous two days.

Near Godvangen, Norway

The bus moved through the coastal Norway, moving along with the hills sometimes cutting through the mountains but often scurrying past  a lake that would mesmerise all of us. We reached Oslo very late and I decided to stay overnight to have a look at the capital city. It proved to be worthwhile.