Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Saturday, 23 October 2010


Google Maps: Berlin, Germany

  • Berlin is more than the Berlin Wall. The city is big for an Indian on foot as I was so do take help of the tubes to cover the length and breadth.
  • Holocaust Memorial at the centre of the city is mostly around which things happen. The good thing is that it is walking distance from the station.
  • Reichstag Building and Brandenburg Gate are other major points near the station that I was able to cover by foot.

The entrance to capital of Germany was as grand as was expected - three floors of mall space was bustling with a cosmopolitan crowd - between two floors allocated to railway station.


I had done some preliminary study of the city although the major attractions are located on right hand side of the station if you come from Frankfurt.

Berlin Station

I crossed the river Spree and walked towards the Reichstag building. It was huge but the remarkable part was a glass dome built behind it which looked after the city. It had ramp to walk all the way up but the queue to enter the dorm was two hours long.

Reichstag Building, Berlin

I decided to move to Holocaust Memorial which was next to Reichstag only. It was amazingly grotesque. Cement blocks had been created of various heights in a good spread of ground. There was enough width given for a couple to walk hand in hand in between. Children were playing hide & seek.

Holocaust Memorial

Taking a few pictures I walked back to station for a quick snack. The sun was going to set in an hour and Spree was inviting me for a stroll. I walked a good mile along the banks before crossing a bridge and coming back.

Near Berlin Station

Berlin wall was not possible on foot although I intend to cover it on my next trip. One has to take a metro to reach there.