Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Monday, 25 October 2010


Google Maps: Basel, Switzerland
Trip: Berlin > Grindelwald > Lucerne > Basel

The last two time I was in this city I was running around. The first one was when I ventured for Trination Point only to realize that I will miss my train if I don't rush. 

Tri Nation Point, Basel 

Trination Point was just a point but to think of being within metres of three major European nation was exciting. I relaxed in a nearby restaurant and ate spring rolls with coffee before collecting everything in a hurry and running towards bus for station.

Majestic Rhine, Basel

The second was when I had to take a train to Interlaken and I had only 2 minutes to get out of a train, change station and get on board.


This time, however, I had a world of time. I started with a walk towards Rhine. The weather was pleasant and Rhine was majestic. It tempted me to walk along the bank for a good long hour.

Lush Green Roadside, Basel

A good nature walk followed along a thin stream that led me back to the station where again I was left with less clue as to how to spend the rest of day. I decided to go for Bern.