Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Monday, 20 September 2010


Google Maps: Friedrichshafen, Germany
Trip: Luxembourg > Brussels > Amsterdam > Bruges > Fredrichshafen > Zermatt

I was woken up at Offenurg by the kind ticket checker. An hour of stay at the cold station and then I was again on move towards Konstanz. It was memorable peice of journey. Hills would rise at short notice, forests would cover the tracks and fog would hide everything for a while. The Black Forests reached their peak at Triberg and then subsided. The lakes were coming more frequently as the Rhine meandered between Germany and Switzerland - but not before swelling at the giant Lake Konstanz.

Lake Constanz, Fredrichshafen

I took a ship for Fredrichshafen from Konstanz. The long journey was eventless although a warm afternoon and cool breeze were perfect combination for such a journey. Fredrichshafen was throbbing with a large crowd. I quickly looked for the youth hostel to settle and then moved to the beach area to join the crowd.

It was fun walking around having some beer and snacks at small intervals. The long beach area ensured that I was engaged for a good length of time. An Indian who was running an internet kiosk even referred me to an Indian restaurant.

I enquired around as to how to reach Lucerne. The ships were suitably departing every hour for Romanshorn at minimal prices. I also realized that it would only be possible to cover Lucerne or Zermatt in next two days.

Hence I decided to have a good night sleep as Zermatt was going to be a long journey with many transfers in between.