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Sunday, 27 June 2010


Google Maps: Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu, India
We started early morning for the Hogenakkal Falls. Recently released Raavan was the source of our motivation to invest a Sunday for some experience. It took us a good 3 hours which included a filling breakfast of omellete dosa at a roadside dhaba.

Hogenakkal was crowded and humid. We started from a hanging bridge which took us to the other side of the fall. We wanted to execute the most important of our plans - a ride on the round shaped 'dongi' which was a popular feature of this place.

We fixed up a boat and were taken to a nice long ride through different corners of the sprawling waterfall before being dropped at a river bank. There with a smoothly flowing water we had a playful bath and returned back on the dongi after a couple of hours.

We had another round of bath at a regular waterfall reshaped to make sure more people including ladies can have fun. We were hungry when we came out and immediately attacked a cane juice shop for some fructose laden energy.

We were back to Bangalore by 5 PM although I was feeling sleepy all the way. I was driving by the way.