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Friday, 5 March 2010


Google Maps: Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India
Trip: Dalhaousie > Khajjiar > Chamba > McLeodganj

The town of Chamba has historical and administrative significance in the region. There is little for a tourist although a well developed marketplace and few nearby religious spots make it ideal halting place. It is said that in the month of August there is hardly space for parking in the town as pilgrims from around India come for the Manimahesh trek. A big festival is funded by the local government in this month.

We planned to visit Bharmour and a dam near Chamba for the day. Bharmour is a cluster of temples some 40 miles from the town. There are two dams near Chamba named Chamera 1 and Chamera 2.

Although at the end we visited none of the places we planned, we still had a day full with fun. We spent the entire afternoon at the bank of Ravi taking pictures in round. The cold river under a shining sun was creating the perfect situation for us schoolmates to behave like a child again. The night turned out special as the five of us planned to booze a little. The events of the night were remarkable enough to dedicate it to the brand of vodka we purchased - magic moments.