Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Sunday, 15 July 2007


Google Maps: Windsor, UK
It was one of those weekend trips in UK. This time we planned for Windsor Castle. The Castle of Windsor is the winter residence of the Queen. The place is well connected with London. We started from Sheffield at 8 and were in Windsor by 12. We started of with lunch near the station. Being a weekend, there was a good crowd there.

The trip within the castle is well set and the crowd moves in a sequence. There are points within the castle from where the outside is visible and one can see the large spread of area in which the castle is built. There are a lot of royal stuffs kept there but the most captivating article we found was the armour of The Great Tipu Sultan. It was huge.

We came out of the other end of the palace and wanted to buy some souvenirs but they were costly. Instead we decided to spend the money on a ferris wheel which was located just outside the gate. From the top of it not only we had a top view of the castle but the entire Windsor city.