Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Monday, 10 January 2011


Google Maps: Mysore, Karnataka, India
Trip: Bangalore > Ramnagaram > Srirangapatna >  Mysore >  Bandipur >  Mudumalai >  Ooty >  Coonoor >  Bangalore

The royal city of Mysore awaited us in its splendour. We had covered Ramnagaram and Srirangapatna the same day. We knew that special lighting is arranged for the Mysore Palace on Sundays and we were right on time. Staying at Prateek's cousin's place we started for the Palace at 7. By the time we reached the place was buzzing up with an amalgamated crowd of locals and foreigners.

Mysore Palace is lighted on Sundays

Our camera had limitations in capturing the beauty of what we saw. So we stayed there to watch to capture it in our memories. The next hop was Chamunda Hills. Idea was to see the city and lighted palace from the top. The idea was good.

Mysore city view from Chamunda Hills

We came back late from Chamunda Hills and quickly settled for a nap. The morning was good and we were thoroughly nourished before we started back for the Palace. We had to see the interiors. It was a two hour tour and each minute was spent exploring the rich architecture of this world famous palace.

Giraffe@Mysore Zoo

Next we visited Mysore Zoo. It sound childish but we had no option. Vrindavan Gardens would open late and we actually had heard a lot about the Zoo. So we went there. The first animal to watch was a Giraffe and since I had never seen a Giraffe before I actually felt curious like a 7 yr old as to what more was there. It was a rich establishment and we enjoyed the Zoo completely.

Mysore Palace in Daylight

We spent the afternoon eating Mysore delicacies and then turned back to our dwelling. At 7 we started again for Vrindavan and managed to reach there just in time. The last show of musical fountains begun and crowd cheered it noisily.

Vrindavan Garden@Mysore

We came back late and then started for Bangalore after dropping Prateek's cousin back home. I met Adi also in route and that competed a trip to tell about.