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Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Google Maps: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • From Aamer at one end to Chokhi Dhani at another,  Jaipur is full of must go places.
  • Budgets boutique hotels are readily available here thanks to being a tourist hotspot. Decide based on where you want to go after Jaipur.
  • Don't miss the amazing top view of entire Jaipur from the window Of Madhavendra Palace. 
The two of us started at 10.30 AM on 23rd, December, 2009 from Delhi for a long drive. The road was smooth and the drive was fun. Somewhere on the way we decided that we should go all the way to Jaipur. Consequently we were standing in front of Aamer Fort at 4 PM. It is an old majestic fort stretched in few square kilometers. We walked on the walls of the fort before getting hungry.

Front View of Aamer Fort@Jaipur

I have been to the Pink City twice before. The first time was in March 2008 with my cousins Naveen and Seema. Jodha Akbar had just released and we could recognize portions of Aamer Fort where some of the scenes were shot. There is a handicraft shop near the fort worth a visit. Aamer Fort itself takes times to explore. The second time I was here was with Bachcha, Kunwar and Harsh. That was in April 2009 and we came exclusively for Choki Dhani. It is a popular tourist spot designed as an ethnic village in the outskirts of Jaipur and offers delectable Rajasthani food along with other things.

Choki Dhani@Jaipur

Coming back to my impulsive visit to Jaipur with my old friend, we decided to drive to the main city. However a signboard made us change our decision. It was announcing the opening of an open-air restaurant at Nahargarh Fort. We drove all the way up to this fort quickly as it closes down at 5.30 PM. The entire city is visible from the top. Its something.

View from Madhavendra Palace@Jaipur

We overcame the awe of the view and looked for the restaurant. It was indeed open air - right on the edge of the cliff on which the fort is constructed. We ate some snacks that was available there and enjoyed the view in front of us.

Fort Wall Restaurant@Jaipur

It was getting darker and we had to reach back to Delhi. We drove back downwards and reached Aamer. There we had another round of snacks while the fort entertained us with some lighting at play. We then started at 7 PM and reached Delhi at 2 AM thanks to a clogging just before Gurgaon.