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Thursday, 28 May 2009


Google Maps: Rohtang La, Himachal Pradesh
  • Rohtang is the most visited pass in India, only people don't actually pass it unless they are going to Keylong, Leh or Key. Its more beautiful beyond.
  • Maggi and a hot cup of tea are a must at Rohtang. Do take a picture while eating. It's a ritual.
  • Away from the crowd, the ice capped pass does expand further that an adventurous traveler may explore. Nobody stops you.

Rohtang, possibly the most famous pass in India, was on our way to Lahaul Spiti. Rohtang is the gateway to Leh via Keylong and also to the pristine natural beauty of Chandrataal region.

Beautiful Rohtang

Our plan was simple - start early, reach Rohtang quickly, spend an hour at most and then move to the other side. A crowd was expected at Rohtang but we knew for sure that road beyond that will be almost deserted.

Trying to ski @ Rohtang Pass

Next morning we started for Rohtang Pass. Our first stop was Solang Valley. It is a large open ground with smooth slope on one side - ideal for adventure sports. We quickly moved to Rohtang as we were not planning to return. We had to reach Keylong before it was dark.

Beyond Rohtang

Rohtang was crowded and dirty. We actually climbed to the other side and found a whole area solely for ourselves. It was fun. Having a hot Maggi @ Rohtang is a must. We spent some time trying to ski around and then decided that Keylong must be a lot more fun.