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Thursday, 30 November 2006


Google Maps: Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India

  • Chittorgarh can be covered over a day trip from Jaipur, Ajmer or Udaipur. Delhi is overnight via train. Having own vehicle is definitely an advantage.
  • If not own vehicle, take a three wheeler from station for 10$. The driver will also become a guide and help you cover most of the fort area.
  • There are staying arrangements near the fort close to the top. Do take the stairs to top of Vijay Stambh. The view is spectacular. 

I was on an official trip to Bhilwara and was supposed to return back to Delhi via train from Chittorgarh. Hearing from people in Bhilwara what a beauty of a fort Chittorgarh has, I started early for the town.

Vijay Stambh @ Chittorgarh

An auto took me to the fort as it is some 5 miles from the town. The fort was a city in itself at one point of time and is associated with some of the greats - Maharana Pratap for bravery, Mirabai for devotion and Rani Padmini for her beauty.

Thick Fort Walls @ Chittorgarh

The fort has a perimeter of 10 miles. The auto-driver takes 400 bucks for an entire day trip through a 10 point route within the fort. I started with the famous Kali Mata Mandir. Rani Padmini's palace was nearby. There stands a room where she stood for Allaudin Khilji to look at her reflection in a mirror.

Rani Padmini's Palace @ Chittorgarh Fort

Moving further I reached the back of the fort which had a high wall. Walking on the wide wall, I remembered the brave warriors who must have walked towards a certain death when the Mughals attacked the fort.

View from top of Vijay Stambh @ Chittorgarh

Vijay Stambh was the icing on the cake. It is a tall structure with winding stairs to the top. A major portion of fort is visible from here and the view is truly amazing.

View from top of Fort @ Chittorgarh

Coming down from the stambh, I accidently entered an area at the centre of which was a massive temple complex. The intricate work impressed me and I spend most of the evening sitting near the temple.

Meera Temple @ Chittorgarh

It was already 5 PM and I decided to get back to the railway station as my train for Delhi was scheduled for 7. It was one of the two trips that I have done alone.