Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Wednesday, 5 July 2006


Google Maps: Goa, India
The outbound trip, sponsored by the company, was full of fun. We made planned visits to various locations and the 200 strong team had sweet memories. As the trip was professionally organized we had little to bother but enjoy every moment of our stay at The Leela.

Hotel Leela Palace @ Goa

Although it was the month of June, we were lucky to find the drizzles all the time we stayed in the lush confines of The Leela. The hotel itself offered much to explore with a private beach and 75 acres of plush landscape.

Beach of Hotel Leela Palace @ Goa

Our first night was spent in the discotheque and subsequent buffet dinner. The next day we ventured for a spice farm. It was a different experience. We also visited the Basilica of Bom Jesus which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Se Cathedral @ Goa

The night was again dedicated to booze & dance. The next day we took a ride to a ferry which took us around Goa while a crew danced in the local Goan style. The evening was kept for our Annual General Meeting where company management shared vision for the future.

Team Outing @ Goa

Next day we had to leave in the afternoon. We booked a bike and left early morning for a little exploration of ours. We covered Miramar, one of the four famous beaches, and Dona Paula. It was a good 40 miles drive.

Dona Paula @ Goa

Later when we settled in our seats I was thinking just how quickly the days went by and now we have to go back to work tomorrow onwards. An estimated Rs 35000 was spent by the company on each employee in the trip.