Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Monday, 30 August 2010


Google Maps: Copenhagen, Denmark
Trip: Copenhagen > Bergen > Voss > Stockholm

Although I am here to stay for a good four months, I couldn't suppress my wanderer self from expressing my first impression of Copenhagen. The first noticeable point is elegance. From the wooden flooring at the airport to helpfulness of a railway employee in directing us everything is presentable and beautiful here.

Damhussoen Lake @ Copenhagen

Friday, 6 August 2010


Google Maps: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
A month had passed by without a trip worth blogging. Hence I ventured into the 10 hour drive from Bangalore to Hyderabad alone. Surprisingly the road was in perfect conditions and the weather was agreeable. A good 200 miles passed by in a flash. It was time to take a break.

It started raining while I was having some snacks at the only Reliance One stop. I enjoyed the sprinkles for a while before starting again. Soon the 99 km milestone came up which meant I would be there in a couple of hours.

Hyderabad was dull when I entered the city at 11. By the time I reached Manish's flat, I was too tired to think about anything else but sleep. Not without a couple of drinks though. Next morning both of us visited the Charminar area which had many restaurants known for the famous Hyderabadi Biryani.

After having a sumptuous lunch we moved to Golconda Fort. It was majestic. It was raining the entire day  and hence we decided not to get too adventurous at the slippery steps of the fort. We were back to our place by 8 PM and started drinking right away while watching the highlights of day's play of Test between India and SL.

The next day we started off for Ramoji Film City. It is a popular outing in Hyderabad. We were convinced when we saw a big crowd entering the place in the last slot of 2 PM. The theme park has all the ingredients to make a Hollywood movie. There is London and Dharavi located adjacent to each other. A mini Taj and Golden Temple adorned the lower levels of this huge establishment.

We were back in time to relax and start again for Hard Rock Cafe. The drive to Banjara Hills was serene and without hurdles. HRC offered us a couple of beers and some snacks. I had to start early the next morning for Bangalore.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Wonder La

Google Maps: Wonderla, Karnataka, India

  • Buses run from Central Bus Stand to Wonder La although most convenient would be driving own car. Reach before 10.30 AM to enjoy it all.
  • Going for wet rides first is advisable. They are more fun and clean water is specialty of Wonder La. Keep your camera safe. Most popular wet rides are Wave Pool and Lazy River.
  • End the trip visiting the giant Sky Wheel at the top of tower. View is amazing, worth taking few clicks.

The five of us started at 9.30 AM from our campus for Wonder La - an amusement park located on Mysore Road. Another ten miles and we could have hit Ramnagaram where shooting of movie Sholay was completed. The ideal time to reach Wonder La is 10 AM as the park remains open till 6 PM and eight hours are by no mean enough to complete a round.

Play Pool 1@Wonder La, Bangalore

We started late at 11 AM on our adventure. The first one was a play pool with tubs floating just to relax and warm up for the later rides. We moved further to twisters which were ducts twisting from third floor to bottom. Water Pendulum was on the same building and was one of the top rides in terms of thrill.

Twisters@Wonder La, Bangalore

Now and then we would run back to wave pool. Here artificial waves were created. The slot was every hour for 20 minutes and hence we had to time ourselves accordingly. It was fun.

View from Sky Wheel@Wonder La, Bangalore

Then came the fun racers. The vertical fall adjacent to it proved to be a teeth-crunching exercise and was actually not so much fun as thrill. Boomerang was the most liked ride and was enjoyed more than once.

Sky Wheel@Wonder La, Bangalore

After having a decent meal we again started for the other themes we had left. The best of them was lazy river. We spent almost an hour just meandering through the stream and watching the sky.

Entrance@Wonder La, Bangalore

By 6 we were ready to leave. We missed on the sky wheel which is knd of a landmark for Wonder La. Overall it was one of those days which reminded us that we are child at heart.