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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Disneyland, Tokyo

Google Maps: Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan
Disneyland was a dream destination. Since our JR Pass was not getting activated till next day and this was a top attraction in Tokyo we went for it. It didn't go too well. Firstly Disneyland is for kids and secondly it rained. Although some of the rides like the roller coaster became more fun, the whole experience was a bummer.

Disneyland, Tokyo

Tokyo Disneyland is the oldest outside the US and hence the rides are somewhat archaic. We decided to move in clockwise direction. The first one we took was Pirates of the Caribbean. It was good. The Jungle Cruise & Western River Railroad were just fine, starting from the same spot. Big Thunder Mountain was the roller coaster that we took amid thick rain and it was an unforgettable experience.

World Bazaar

Splash Mountain was again a high. The last drop is breathtaking and the way to it is equally mesmerizing. We loved it. Haunted Mansion and Peter Pan's Flight are good to go. Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Alice's Tea Party were for kids below 8.

Splash Mountain

The Disney characters take a parade in every hour and rains did not dissuade them to come in open. I enjoyed it although it was kiddish. One ride that was the biggest disappointment after how it was being presented was StarJets. It was waste of precious half hours.

Disney Parade

The best of Disneyland, at least for adults came at the end in Tomorrowland. We loved every bit of it. Star Tours was the best of it where we were taken deep into Empire's ship on a Star Wars journey in 3D. It was amazing. Monster Inc ride was also good.

The Castle

All in all it was a mixed experience but a big tick on our to do list. We had to buy rain coats. We had delicious pizza at World Bazaar. Since it was our second day at Tokyo and a rainy one, we decided to wrap it up quickly and settled at our hotel before 7.