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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bangalore: 15 Things to Do

Google Maps: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Here's the list of top things to do in Bangalore.

1. Vidyarthi Bhavan: Near Basavangudi, at the heart of old Bangalore serves amazing crispy dosas with loads of ghee in it, for which people line up and wait for up to half an hour. Coffee here is strong and good, the essential. The shop opens at as early as 6.30 AM but is closed on Fridays.

Dosa @ Vidyarthi Bhawan

2. MTR: Another legendary food joint near Lalbagh which serves a filling thali and desserts but one may have to wait for upto an hour.

Thali @ MTR

3. Rasta Cafe: On way to Mysore, has a rustic setup and delivers Israeli delicacies. You can settle here for as long as it takes and it will not disappoint you

Rasta Cafe, Mysore Rd

4. Nagarjuna: Native food, specially Chettinad dishes is must have served on banana leaf. Slightly on a spicy side, the food is something to relish.

Dinner on Banana Leaf @ Nagarjuna

5. Taj Vivanta: Pastries and cakes are in variety and natives as well as foreigners visit this Taj offering to take a bit.

Pastries Shop, Taj Vivanta

6. Bull Temple: Arguably the mightly bull takes you by the horns, it is among the most revered places in Bangalore.

Monolithic Statue of Nandi, Bull Temple

7. Koshy's: Among the oldest of bar restaurant, prices here are affordable if not cheap. A stone throw from MG Road and Hard Rock Cafe, this one reminds you of the Bangalore of old.

Koshy's, MG Road

8. Hard Rock Cafe: Hard Rock is Hard Rock, by any name you call it. Once it was my aim to cover all the Hard Rocks of the world. Someday I will.

Hard Rock Cafe, MG Road

9. Matteo

Matteo, Church Street

10. Savandurga

View from the top, Savandurga

11. Nandi Hills

On top of Nandi Hills

12. Ramnagar

Fabled Staircase, Ramnagar

13. Iskcon: Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. The chants are just the beginning of a wholesome experience that you find in this giant of a temple complex in the heart of old Bangalore.

14. Toit: A leviathanisque pub in the posh Indiranagar is now shadowed by an over-running metro line but that does little to stop the pub from being one of the most visited joints in the city.

15. Pecos: In the middle of MG Road, you can find this tiny pub with winding staircase and a crowd that can only come from colleges. Beer is cheap and food is tasty. My favorite is Ghee Roast Chicken.