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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ajmer Sharif

Google Maps: Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
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It was a whirlwind drive that took us out of the labyrinthine roads of Udaipur to the expansive hill fort of Chittorgarh, to the crowded Ajmer Sharif and finally halted at a modest accommodation in Jaipur all in one day. We drove close to 200 miles, spent decent time in each of the four cities and still managed a breakfast and a dinner.

Way to Ajmer Sharif

The roads of Ajmer are narrow and crowded. To top it, visit the Ajmer Sharif area on a Friday and you will find it difficult to even trundle through. We visited Ajmer on one such day.

Highway to Ajmer

The parking charges are exorbitant but you will find yourself without choices. We drove our car deep into the Dargah area and then parked as close to the religious shrine as possible. The walk from here is less than hundred metres but it takes more than 20 minutes to walk. We were told to buy clothes to cover our head and we did so dutifully, again at a price.

As you enter @ Ajmer Sharif

Ajmer Sharif is hardly remarkable compared to Shirdi or Golden Temple both in terms of architecture or planning. However there is emotional flux that is visible in the crowd that builds faith in a religion. We followed such a lot and were quickly in the central domed area that is the shrine. We presented the cloth we had bought.

Main entrace @ Ajmer Sharif

Our plan was to settle in Ajmer and cover Pushkar the next day. However we decided otherwise and moved to Jaipur which has far more choices in terms of accommodation. The drive to Jaipur is a pleasure on a recently constructed expressway.