Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Sunday, 25 May 2014


Google Maps: Baijnath, Uttarakhand, India
Trip: Delhi > Nainital > Kausani > Baijnath > Delhi

We reached Baijnath at around 10 from Kausani. Breakfast on the way was complimented with a breathtaking morning view of Nanda Devi range from our table and that made our day. Baijnath was the bonus.

Fishes in the flowing river @ Baijnath Temple

The first glance of Baijnath temple comes while taking a turn as the road meanders down to the level of river that almost encircles the set of temples. The view is stunning and reminds of the ancient heritage that India has.

We reached the temple on foot after the car was parked little away. The surroundings were high hills and a flowing river turning around the perimeter of the holy temple. We visited the main temple and asked for blessings. It was time to put our foot into the river when we realized the number of fishes were all too many.

Some would jump at you while others will roam around lazily. All in all hundreds of medium to large sized fishes were visible in one glance and so we kept our foot away. Feeding them has become kind of a ritual here and so we participated.

It was time to take a drive back to Haldwani. The trip proved to be more than handful. First a heavy rain reduced our visibility and we almost drove into the valley near Almora. If that was not enough, stones started falling from above us after the rain and we saw couple of trucks stranded with their windshield broken.