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Monday, 10 January 2011


Google Maps: Ramanagara, Karnataka, India
Trip: Bangalore > Ramnagaram > Srirangapatna >  Mysore >  Bandipur >  Mudumalai >  Ooty >  Coonoor >  Bangalore

We were on our way to Mysore when we realized that the famous Ramnagaram is just 30 miles from Bangalore. For the uninitiated Ramnagaram holds the Sholay point where the immortal dialogues like "Ye haath humka dei de Thakur" and "Naach Basanti Naach" was spoken by Gabbar Singh.

We took our car to the other side of the hill which hosted this point. There is a staircase that leads to a beautifully placed temple besides a lake. There we stood at a horizontal opening and enjoyed the hills.

We realized that there are people above us. It took time to figure out that a narrow path behind the temple lead to another flight of stairs. There we confronted a really steep iron stairs. We knew if we manage to get to the top of these stairs, we would be basically at the top of Ramnagaram.

After a good 15 conscious minutes, we finally reached the pinnacle. It was a view to behold. Series of hills were merging with each other in the hazy sunshine. It took us some effort to come down - partly because we did not want to and partly because it is double dangerous to climb down a steep climb.

On our way back we found that the pond around which Basanti's grand chase had begun. It was nice to know that we were so close to a place where the greatest bollywood movie was shot.