Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Google Maps: Naples, Italy
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On a magical morning I was walking through narrow alleys that went up and up somewhere near the centre of the city of Naples. A fort like structure was visible now and then at the top of this city and all I wanted was to be there. Although it was foggy, I should have anticipated what I was going to witness after passing through the station of Pompei earlier that morning.

The ancient city of Pompei@Naples

The narrow constricted streets were blocking my view for a while. Then I walked into the open and a viewpoint cleared over tall buildings to show a massive volcano besides a noisy sea. It was a magical morning.

View of Mount Vesuvius@Naples

I was now doubly enthusiastic to reach the top of fort to see the volcano-sea amalgamation in its fullness. A sweaty trek and a 5 Euro ticket later I was at the top of Santa Croce.

Top of Santa Croce@Naples

Santa Croce. It was a majestic place to stand. A volcano was playing with clouds, a sea was playing with shadows and a throbbing city was warming up at 10 AM below me - I felt like a king.

View of the Mediterranean@Naples

To top it all, I was alone up there. The cool breeze and bright sun were ideal conditions to open a book and I spent the next couple of hours reading 'The Wuthering Heights' while keeping a tab on relative motion of the clouds, volcano, sea and the sun.

Veiw of Naples@Top of Santa Croce

Another hour was invested in taking photographs from each and every angle. It was during these improvisations when my mobile fell from a wall where I had placed it on automatic mode. The next few hours were gloomy as my N73 refused to take more pics. At 2 I decided to descend from my kingly abode and soon walked into a bustling marketplace. There was a large Carrefour store where I shopped for a while. Moving down further I settled at another viewpoint just to capture the beauty of this city one last time.


I walked back to the station for a late lunch before taking up the 5 PM train to Florence. The journey back was long as another train from Florence would take me to Munich and then another one from Munich to Copenhagen.